East Coast Women's Pro Golf Tour

PXG Women's Match Play Championship, a GenerationW Collab

Overview & Registration
November 1-6, 2022 - PXG Women's Match Play Championship, a GenerationW Collab
Tournament Courses
World Golf Village (St. Augustine, FL)
(+$76.00 for non-members)
Members Non-Members
$699.00 $775.00
Late Fee
$50.00 Late Fee Applies after 10/21/2022
Registration Deadline
Friday, October 14 at Midnight
Women 15-60
$50,000 purse and a PXG contract! The Major of Women’s Developmental Golf! 11/-6 (!) A collab with Generation W. Two days of stroke play will cut the field to 64 into the Pod Play Battle Rounds, which then feeds the 16-woman match play knock out rounds.
Tee Time Information
If you do not advance to Match Play, you'll receive a $200 refund and you’ll still be part of all the festivities including the Generation W Links to Leadership Summit, pro am & concert. Host housin
Round #1 11/1/2022
World Golf Village - Slammer & Squire
Blue - Par 72 - 6132 Yards (129/70.2)
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Handicap 9 15 13 1 5 3 17 11 7 14 12 2 16 18 10 6 4 8
Par 4 3 4 5 4 4 3 5 4 4 5 4 3 4 3 5 4 4
Yardage 358 154 361 486 367 381 143 475 361 343 472 373 161 284 128 527 387 371
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Hcp 9 15 13 1 5 3 17 11 7
Par 4 3 4 5 4 4 3 5 4
Yds 358 154 361 486 367 381 143 475 361
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hcp 14 12 2 16 18 10 6 4 8
Par 4 5 4 3 4 3 5 4 4
Yds 343 472 373 161 284 128 527 387 371

This is the Major of Women's Developmental Golf and designed to be one of the most amazing and elevated experiences you'll have as a player at any level.  In addition to an intensely competitive Match Play tournament with its own unique format, you'll join us (free) for the Generation W Links to Leadership Summit presented by Circle K and Baptist Health of Jacksonville.  Ask any of the women who have played in the PXGWMPC before, this is a life changing day of women's leadership, mentoring and coaching led by some of the most amazing women on the planet.

Only 84 women will be entered into the tournament, all of whom will play in two days of Stroke Play Qualifier action on November 1-2.  The top 64 will advance to the Battle Round Pods on November 4, where you'll be split into 16 groups of four.  You will play each other ONCE in a round robin nine-hole format.  This is where it gets interesting: each hole is worth a point.  You can win, lose or halve the hole.  You will play all nine holes regardless of the score of the match.  The winner of the match receives one bonus point, effectively making each nine hole match worth 10 points.  The winner of the Battle Round Pod is the player with the MOST POINTS, not necessarily the player with the best Match Play record.  You are never out of it.  Every hole counts.  That player advances to the Sweet 16 in traditional Knock Out Round Match Play, November 5-6. 

32 players will be invited to play in the INK Charity Pro Am on October 31, for which you will be paid.  All players are invited to the Pro-am Pairings Party at Murray Bros. Caddie Shack on October 30.  We will also host a Junior Clinic, for which 8-10 players you will be paid to help.  Note: We may host a second pro-am on November 4 for those who miss the cut to earn some extra money and raise some money for another charity. 

Addendum to Local Rules

USGA Rules and the ECWGPT Local Rules govern all play.  Players shall disregard any host course local rule printed on scorecards or course signage.  In addition, the following addendum to ECWGPT Local rules are in effect for this tournament.

Covid Protocol:
Flagsticks - Players may remove the flagstick if they choose to.

Bunkers - FOR LIE OF BALL ONLY! - Disturbed areas of bunkers, e.g. footprints, divots, poor attempts at smoothing the sand, the player may treat the area as Ground Under Repair (The relief area must be in the bunker)

Tee:   Players shall play from the BLUE tee markers for this competition..

Pace of Play:  The lead threesome will be kept on a 15 minute per hole pace.  The remaining groups will be monitored by their position in relation to the group ahead of them.  Time Par = 4 hrs 30 min

Out of Bounds:  Per conditions of competition.  IN ADDITION, White lines tying into OB stakes and/or property fencing.  If there is a faded line present, the line is OB.

Abnormal Course Conditions:  Per conditions of competition.

Integral Parts of the Course:  Wooden bulkheads located within the margin of penalty areas. 

Margins of Penalty Areas:  All WOODED Areas identified with red stakes is considered a lateral penalty area.  If there is no line present, the margin of the penalty area will be the grass line bordering the wooded area.

Scoring Area:  TBD

Withdrawal Policy

Tournament Withdrawal Policy

  • A $50 admin fee will be assessed to all tournament WD's.
  • WD's after the registration deadline will receive a full refund minus $125.
  • WD's after pairings have been posted to web site will not be eligible for refund.
Purse Distribution

The current purse for the PXGWMPC is guaranteed at $50,000.  There is a purse for the Stroke Play and Match Play tournaments.  All players advancing to the Knock Out Rounds will earn a pay check.  We do not yet know the full distribution.  Stay tuned.

  • Players receive their earnings via Direct Deposit for US bank account holders.  International players will have their earning sent via wire transfer.  All wire transfers are subject to a $55 transfer fee, plus any fees placed by the receiving international bank.
  • Deposits are made 48-72 hrs after tournament completion.  Holidays, weekends, and new account verification may delay deposits.
  • Players must submit appropriate tax documentation prior to receiving winnings.
  • International Players on certain types of Visas that do not permit you to earn money while on that Visa will not be eligible to receive any earnings.  The tour will not hold earnings for disbursement at a later date.  All earnings must be paid out within fourteen days of tournament completion.  Earnings may not be paid out to a third party without the third party providing proper tax documentation, and will be subject to taxation on the deposits they receive for the player.
ECWGPT Conditions of Competition

Conditions of Competition

The current USGA Rules of Golf govern play.  In addition, the following Conditions of Competition, and Local Rules, are in effect for all EB Pro Tour competitions. Players shall disregard any local rule or signage displayed by the host club.  Unless otherwise specified, breach of a Condition of Competition, or a local rule, is 2 Strokes in stroke play, and loss of hole in match play.


  1. Conforming Equipment:  In making each stroke, a player must use a club, and ball that conforms to the requirements in the equipment rules available at usga.org.  Breach of Rule 4.1 or 4.2 is DISQUALIFICATION.
  2. The “ONE BALL” Rule is in effect:  During an entire round, each ball at which the player makes a stroke must be the same brand and model as found in a single entry on the current list of Conforming Balls.  MLR G4 pg 497 (Officials Guide)
  3. Time of Starting, RULE 5.3:  All players shall be present on the tee, with ball and club in hand at their starting time.  Order of play is not relevant.
  4. Practice Between Holes:  Rule 5.5b. Breach is 2 Strokes at the next hole played.
  5. Practice Before and Between Round:  MLR I-1.1. Players are not permitted to practice on the competition course before, or between tournament rounds.  Breach - 1st offense -  2 strokes.   Subsequent offense - Disqualification
  6. Transportation:  Unless otherwise specified, players are required to use golf cart transportation during the competition. 
  7. Caddies:  Caddies may not wear soft-spiked golf shoes, flip flops, or sandals.  Caddies are welcomed to ride if there is space available.  Based on host club cart availability caddies may rent an additional cart to use during the tournament round.
  8. Deciding Ties:  Ties for first place will be decided by hole-by-hole playoff when there are at least two professional players bidding for the victory. A first place tie between an amateur and one professional will be settled by using the scorecard playoff described below. In the occurrence a hole-by-hole playoff is not feasible to decide first place, the following tie breaker method will be used:  Matching scores for last nine holes (10-18), If no winner, matching scores for last six holes (13-18), If no winner, matching scores for the last three holes (16-18), If no winner, matching score on hole 18. If no winner, the same process on holes 1-9 will be used. 
  9. Embedded Ball Rule:  The embedded ball rule is played in the General Area.  Exception: When a ball is embedded in sand in part of the general area that is not cut to fairway height or less, the player is not entitled to relief for embedded ball.
  10. 10.  Dress Code:  Players must wear soft spikes, Bermuda length shorts are permitted, clothing of modern fashion accepted on the LPGA and PGA Tours. Host facility dress code takes precedence over this condition.
  11.  Out of Bounds:  1) Inside Edge at ground level of white stakes and fence posts separating golf course property from private property.   2). Public roadways and parking lots, even if the ball comes to rest on another part of the course.  3) White lines when tied into any of the above (the line itself is OB).  When both lines and stakes are present, the stakes identify the area of OB, the line defines the boundary.  4) All types of property fencing separating golf course property from private property.
  12. Abnormal Course Conditions:  Rule 16.  1) White lined areas of Ground Under Repair, and the artificially surfaced road or path, or other identified obstruction they tie into, are treated as a single abnormal course condition when taking relief under rule 16-1.   2) When white lines are not present, damaged areas of turf immediately adjacent to cart paths and artificially surfaced paths are treated as a single condition when taking relief under rule 16-1.  3) Flower beds and natural areas enclosed by obstructions are deemed to be part of the obstruction.   4) For a ball that lay on the putting surface, for lie of ball and line of play only, closely spaced white dots identify GUR.  5)  French drains with exposed sand and/or stone.  Bunkers - Foot Prints and Divots - players may treat the area as GUR.  The ball must be dropped in the bunker.
  13. Elevated Power Lines and Cable:   A ball that strikes an elevated power line or cable, the stroke MUST be canceled and replayed without penalty.  A ball not immediately recovered, another ball may be substituted.
  14.  Temporary Immovable Obstructions (TIO’s):  See Section 8 F23 pg 489-494 of the Official Guide of the USGA Rules of Golf.
  15.  Integral Parts of the Golf Course: 1) Retaining walls and pilings when located within the margin of penalty areas, and bunkers.  2). When physical attached to trees: wires, wrappings, stakes, cable, and the like.  Closely attached is defined as physically secured to the object itself.
  16.  Aeration Holes: General Area - a ball that comes to rest in, or on, an aeration hole may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped in the relief area.  Putting Green - A ball that comes to rest in or on an aeration hole may be placed on the nearest spot, not closer to the hole, that avoids the condition.
  17.   Seams of Cut Turf (Areas of new sod):  A ball that lies in, or touches  seam of cut turf, or a seam interferes with the area of intended swing;  General Area - The ball may be lifted w/o penalty, cleaned and dropped in the relief area.  All seams in the area are considered the same seam.
  18. Drop Zones (DZ’s):   Painted circles (specified color) with the letters DZ.  The ball must remain in the DZ when dropped.
  19. Penalty Areas:  Areas with yellow and red stakes and lines  are considered penalty areas.
  20.  No Play Zones:  1) Flower beds intended for course beatification are NPZ’s. 2) Areas identified as Environmentally Sensitive.  Relief w/o penalty must be taken for stance , area of intended swing, and lie of ball.
  21.  Suspension of Play:  Dangerous Situation (Play stops immediately) = 1 prolonged blast of horn or siren.  Non-Dangerous Situation (Players may finish the hole they are playing) = 3 blasts of horn.  Resume Play = 2 Blasts of horn.
  22.   Scorecards:  A player has returned their card when they have exited the designated scoring area.
  23.  Close of Competition: The competition is closed when the final results have been posted by the committee.
World Golf Village - Slammer & Squire
Two World Golf Pl
St. Augustine, FL   32092
+1 (904)940-6088

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